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Quoting and Proposal Generation
Email or fax your request to us. Our goal is to provide accurately rated proposals within 48 hours. For best results, please provide your census in excel format along with a summary of current benefits and rates.  We will also pre-screen/rate when medical information is provided to insure that you have the most accurate proposal possible.
Product Availability
Principal Life Insurance                                   



Group Dental
5-1000 lives
Voluntary Dental
10-1000 lives
STD 5-1000 lives
LTD 5-1000 lives
Group Term Life
5-1000 lives
Group Supp Life
5-1000 lives
Dependent Life
5-1000 lives
* must have 5 eligible lives

Group Major Medical
50-300 lives
Group Term Life
50-300 lives
Dependent and Supp Life
50-300 lives
50+ lives
Group Dental
50+ for standalone
Affordable Health Choices
50+ employee only reimbursement plan
Aetna Health Fund

Medical Quoting and Proposal Generation
Quoting requirements for groups under 100 medical lives

All groups under 100 lives will require an application and statement of health for each employee.  The location of the home office determines which states’ form to use.  You can print the forms online from our forms section.
  1. Name of group and effective date
  2. SIC and zip code of home office
  3. Census information including, gender, and enrollment status (EE, ES, EC, ESC (including number of children))
  4. Dates of birth
  5. Renewal rates and plan design if available
  6. If a multi-location group, please identify the locations and which employees of the respective sites

Quoting requirements for groups of 100 lives or more

We would like to provide you with information regarding large group quote requests.  As always, if you and the group can provide these items initially, it shortens the length of time you will wait to receive a valid quote.  Please let us know if you have questions.

  1. Complete census in EXCEL format including:
          Dates of birth or age
          Enrollment election: E, E/S, E/C, ESC, or Waiver
          COBRA participants
          Zip Code
          If a multi-location group, please identify the locations and which employees of the respective sites
  2. Name of group
  3. Location
  4. SIC Code, or nature of business
  5. Current plan design
  6. Plan design requested
  7. Employer contributions
  8. Carrier information for the past 2 years
  9. Loss history for the past two years
  10. Large claim report (include prognosis)
  11. Current and renewal rates

Statements of Health would be required for underwritten rates on groups that do not have the above information.

Non-Medical Quoting

Group Life, Dependent Life, LTD, STD, Dental and Vision are available through at least one if not all of our insurance carriers. Most products are available to groups as small as 3 lives and up to 1000 lives.

Because of the multiple options available, please contact your RBG sales representative for assistance in designing the plan that best suits your client’s needs.

Individual Medical quoting

Login here to use Assurant's Individual Medical quoting engine.

*Your Assurant/RBG license number will be needed.
*Use District Agent Code 530 when quoting.

Client Consultations

One of our sales representatives is always available to assist you in reviewing proposals, preparing for employer presentations as well as accompanying you on presentations, no matter the account size. We endeavor to be as much, or as little, of a resource as you need to be successful in the sales process.

Easy, No Hassle Enrollment Process

One of our sales or services representatives is available to assist you in enrollment preparations and employee meetings. We will also expedite the underwriting process by thoroughly scrubbing your case and helping you obtain any outstanding information necessary for underwriting.

New Case Installation

Our experienced service representatives are here to assist you with your clients' new carriers by supplying temporary ID cards, assisting with claims during the transition, and providing pertinent contact and service information. We are committed to furnishing your clients with the training they need to efficiently and easily administer their plans, whether through paper or online administration.

Customer Service

During the plan year when issues/questions arise, you have the comfort in knowing that our experienced service representatives are available to assist you. They will work closely with you, your staff or client to resolve situations when normal service channels have been exhausted. By partnering with Rogers Benefit Group (RBG) in this way, you and your staff can concentrate on growing your business through new sales opportunites.


Our willingness to support you during the renewal process is another big plus in working with RBG. Our sales representatives are available for pre-renewal consults, renewal presentations, as well as, renewal negotiations. Our service representatives will help by preparing renewal options and assisting with open enrollment meetings.