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Rogers Benefit Group 
Fast and Accurate Quoting
Please send all quote requests to
Requirements for Small Group (groups with fewer than 51 ATNE for the preceding calendar year) *Aetna AFA uses total number eligible*
See below template for help with determining ATNE.
Make sure you're covering all of your client's needs! Use our ACA Risk Profile Fact Finder!
Requirements for Large Group (51+ ATNE)
For all Large Group quotes we must have the following items:

Census in Excel (preferred template here)
For groups with current coverage:
- Current Rates (on carrier paper)
- Renewal Rates (on carrier paper)
- Current invoice
- SBCs / plan designs
For groups with less than 20 employees electing coverage, enrolling employees will need to complete an application answering medical questions.
*Aetna does require dependent information on the census, for those enrolling.
Florida Blue
For virgin groups, enrolling employees must complete an individual medical questionnaire.
Please make sure all forms that require a signature are signed by an officer of the company and filled out to the best of his/her knowledge (relating to health questions) and also signed by you as the agent.