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Healthiest You offers employees 24/7 access to a Licensed Medical Doctor and Prescription Savings!

Everyone is talking about virtual care.  Many carriers include this benefit with their medical coverage. healthiestyou offers free unlimited physicians' visits with no consult fees. This can be offered to groups as employer paid or voluntary, and can also be sold to individuals.

Rogers Benefit will assist you with quotes, sales and implementation.  Please use the link below to register and start selling healthiestyou.

Rogers Benefit Group employees have utilized healthiestyou for two years.  As covered employees with a high deductible health plan, we have experienced the value, savings, convenience and ease of their service.  Statistics have shown the reduction in utilization by directing these costs out of traditional medical plans.

Healthiestyou and Rogers Benefit Group’s 34 offices across the U.S. are partnering to bring you healthiestyou.  Employer-sponsored plans' premium is $9 PEPM with no additional dependent cost.  

Please contact us with questions!