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Disability Insurance

At Rogers Benefit Group, we're here to help you develop comprehensive disability solutions for your clients. With Principal's broad product portfolio and industry expertise we are able to offer your the insurance coverage you need to help you protect your clients from the threat of a disability.

When you work with RBG, you benefit from our commitment to customer service and our spirit of teamwork. The expertise of both RBG and PFG regional disability specialists, access to technical resources, a variety of administrative capabilities, and marketing and education materials show we have what it takes to help you succeed.

RBG Individual Disablity Team:
Sales/Underwriting: 800.749.6549
   Marcia Fender
   Tom Laster
   Cathy Van Zant
 Sales/Underwriting/Service: 800.749.6549
   Anna Woodruff -
   Lisa Baughn -

Product Info
Disability Income (DI) insurance -
provides personal income protection for individuals to help keep a roof over their heads.

·         Disability Income Insurance (HH750)

 Key Person Replacement - provides benefits to the business to help offset the loss of a key employee due to a total disability.

·         Key Person Replacement (HH772)

Overhead Expense (OE) insurance - reimburses owners for fixed business expenses during a disability to help keep their businesses’ doors open. The HH 702 policy also offers loan protection through the Business Loan Protection rider.

·         Overhead Expense Insurance (HH702)

·         Professional Overhead Expense Insurance (HH670)

·         Business Overhead Expense Insurance (HH678)

Disability Buy-Out (DBO) insurance - funds a buy-sell agreement to buy out a disabled business owner to help keep the business value intact and ensure its succession.

·         Disability Buy-Out Insurance (HH703)

·         Disability Buy-Out Insurance (HH673)

Sales & Marketing

IDI Overview & Support

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·         Product Offering

·         TeleApp Process

Education Tools


·         Claimant Testimonials

·         Client Seminars

·         From Here to Security

·         Industry Resources

·         Statistics Bank

·         Video Presentations

Sales Concepts & Programs

·         Association

·         Combination Disability

·         DI Retirement Security

·         Executive Bonus

·         Exit Planning

·         Occupation Specific

·         Salary Continuation

·         S Corporation

·         Simplified Sales

Sales Tools

Prepare for the Sale

·         Approach Individuals & Businesses

·         Business Priorities

·         Career Producer Marketing

·         Cross Selling

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