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Rogers Benefit Group, Inc. and its predecessors have been prominent in the group insurance arena for over sixty years. As a general agent, we have represented leading insurers of group life, health and disability coverages to agents who now service over 40,000 small and middle market clients.

Our continuing role is helping those agents and their employer customers design appropriate and affordable benefit plans, carefully explaining the plans to the employees and then providing critical and competent follow up service to the agent and insureds.

This website supports our mission by providing vital connections to the insurance companies we represent and a directory of our capable professional staff. Here you'll find material and forms needed to educate, sell, enroll and service firms and their employees.

Our founder Pat Rogers
About RBG Omaha
Rogers Benefit Group Omaha is responsible for the sales and service of products throughout Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota.  We will work together with you to help you get business, get groups rated correctly, enroll groups efficiently and accurately, and reduce your efforts in underwriting.  It's a winning combination - the flexibility of Rogers Benefit Group and you, the agent, an your knowledge of your client.
At no additional cost to you, you'll enjoy assistance at the employer's place of business.  RBG can be on-site for every case no matter what the size.  We'll scrub every case before it is submitted and will then work with underwriting to insure your client receives the most favorable rating.  The result is an experience that is fast, clean and best of all, easy.
We will also assist you and personally train your clients to understand how to efficiently manage their benefits program.
You can contact us toll free at 402-333-9132 or via e-mail at  We look forward to discussing sales opportunities.